Stress Reduction and Emotional Self-Regulation in the Company of Horses

Equine-imity teaches somatic horsemanship using qigong, a tai-chi like meditation, with horses. Somatic means of the body. Written especially for non-equestrians, Equine-imity explores the physical relationship between humans and horses, on the ground and, optionally, on the horse, in order to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in both species.
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About Equine-imity

Do you wonder what it means to be "as healthy as a horse"?
Equine-imity teaches you how to create horse-human relationships that will improve your health by reducing stress and bridling emotions that behave like runaway horses.
Can't quiet your mind for sitting meditation?
Equine-imity teaches moving meditations that fully engage your mind and body. Simple activities such as meeting, grooming, and leading horses are taught as meditations.
Don't know how to meet a horse?
This book provides resources for finding equine programs and private individuals with horses in your area.
Equine-imity is written especially for non-equestians and non-meditators. Whether you have a horse or have never even touched one before, whether you practice meditation or not, in Equine-imity you will discover:
  • Horses as teachers of physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Appreciation of the human body as beautiful in every size and shape
  • Applied principles from exercise physiology, sports medicine, natural horsemanship, and equine-assisted therapy
  • The Stanford four-phase Equine-imity somatic horsemanship program, proven to reduce stress
  • Resources for how to locate horses near your home or workplace
Our bodies are our temples and horses lead us to the altar
Equine-imity Dantien Practice Photos
Beverley Kane, MD, is Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and an integrative medicine physician in the Stanford Division of Primary Care and Population Health, Palo Alto, California. She is the founder and Lead Mare of Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning and THerapy (HEALTH).